Dyes and Pigments
Nanjing Hope International Trade Co., Ltd. is a professional trading company. The company mainly engaged in various chemical products sales, distribution and international trade services. Our main products include: pharmaceuticals, pesticides, dyes, additives, and other various fine chemicals and specialty chemicals. We can also according to customer requirements to provide custom chemicals, while providing customers with strict confidentiality.

Hope International provides high-quality imported chemical products for China's enterprises and provide Chinese competitive chemical products for the world's businesses.
Hope International insist in people-oriented, maximized people's creativity and initiative. We uphold integrity, cooperation and win-win business philosophy to provide customers with differentiated, specialized and personalized service. We firmly believe that the interests of customers and us are a community, we cherish trust of every customer.

Hope International look at the vision of globalization of the Chinese market, based on China, opened to world. Integration of global resources, and striving to build China's first chemical products in international trade supply chain services brand.

New starting point, new height, new cross, Hope International is your global cooperative partner.

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